Window shutters with insulated panels 20

The shutters with thermal break panels by are characterized by a solid, almost invisible load-bearing structure that supports the panels themselves.
These insulated panels are made up of two aluminum plates with high density polystyrene in between.
Thanks to their sturdiness, these shutters are also suitable for customization with Laminam ceramic slabs and are not affected by the wear and tear of time.
Playing with material effects and color contrasts you can personalize your shutters in a unique and unrepeatable way, handcrafted by our master craftsmen.
The shutters with thermal break panels, decorated with Laminam slabs, are resistant to mechanical stress, chemical products, scratches, wear and abrasion since the decorations and ceramic glazes are fired at 1,100° and are handmade by our master craftsmen.
All aluminum shutters have the CE mark, are made in Italy, painted according to Qualicoat regulations: always choose quality!
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