Window shutters with louvers 7

The shutters represent the tradition of Italy. Whether they are historical shutters of the Venetian villas, the classic Italian or the Tuscan ones, we Italians are always a little reluctant to give up tradition.
This is why the system allows you to keep the aesthetics of wooden shutters alive, while offering you the quality and practicality of aluminum.
This versatile material, thanks to the continuous technological innovation of Bora System, guarantees you a faithful reproduction, even in the smallest details, of the wooden shutters, dimensional stability of the doors that do not wear out with time and reduced maintenance.
All aluminum shutters can be mounted with an invisible casing frame, instead of fixing them directly to the wall. The intervention will be simpler and more precise and you can adjust the doors yourself if needed.
All aluminum shutters have the CE mark, are made in Italy, painted according to Qualicoat regulations: always choose quality!
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