How to choose the right window shutters

To choose the most suitable window shutter your home, you must take into account the four key factors that we explain below.

  • 1. The type of opening.
  • 2. The wall attachment.
  • 3. The aesthetics of the doors.
  • 4. The color.

1. The type of opening

When choosing the type of opening you must mainly consider some characteristics of your home.
For example the distance between the window holes, the close presence of a sidewalk, the practicality of managing the blind in an open or semi-open position even in adverse weather conditions (for example due to the presence of strong wind in certain periods of the year).

Remember that:

  • the folding opening (“padovana”) is practical (you do not have to lean out to open or close) and is ideal for very close window holes;
  • the sliding opening allows you to darken a very large window with one or two leaves only;
  • lthe external wall opening with large leafs (“antone”), either very traditional or very modern. The ideal choice for your home is yours;
  • the modular folding opening is recommended when the window shutters are very wide and you want the dimensions of the window in the open position to be extremely limited;
  • the reverse modular folding opening (“vicentina”) is recommended when you want the window shutters, in the open and semi-open position, to always remain protected and manageable within a niche created by the window and the external frame that holds back. It is a very practical opening in case of wind.
Folding opening
Sliding opening
External wall opening
Modular folding opening
Reverse modular folding opening

2. The wall attachment

As a rule, blinds can be mounted on any facade. However, there are several ways to do this. These methods are:

  • the classic wall hinges;
  • the wall frame;
  • the retractable systems for sliding windows.

Wall hinges are the simplest solution, but they are not suitable for all facades, especially those with irregularities.

Il wall frame is a frame that is fixed to the wall and on which the doors are then hinged. It can be of various colors, even different from those of the window shutter.

Our system proposes about a hundred cash frames to satisfy any condition of attachment to the wall of window shutters and louvers.
Among these wall frames you can find two “invisible” frames for an innovative, functional and aesthetically modern installation of the doors on the wall.

Our sliding shutters are compatible with the most popular commercial concealed systems on the market.

Wall hinges
Wall frame
"Invisible" frame
Retractable system

3. The aesthetics of the doors

The leaf of a window shutter can be made up of horizontal (“scandole”) or vertical (“doghe”) elements, or even have complex processes such as raised panels.
The slats in the shutters can be fixed or adjustable.
Very beautiful are also our windows shutters in which there are both raised panels and slats (fixed or adjustable).

Here are some ideas from which you can take inspiration to create your own windows shutters.

  • In the case of modular folding opening, the “doghe” can have a reduced thickness (up to 18 mm) and still be self-supporting. That is, they do not require any support trolley.
  • The “scandole” give the shade a classic look.
  • The leafs with mixed processing, with raised panels, fixed and adjustable slats, etc., give the possibility to obtain a versatile blind, suitable for your needs.
  • The horizontal and vertical decorations create plays of light on the surface of the insulated panel door and embellish the aesthetics of the house.
  • Finally, the ceramic inserts and the oxide enamels allow you to create an exclusive windows shutter.
18 mm thick leaf
Wood effect “scandole”
Mixed processing
with slats, mirrors and slats
Mixed processing
with mirrors and slats
Vertical decoration
Horizontal decoration
Laminam® ceramic decorations
Laminam® ceramic decorations

4. The color

A good quality aluminum window shutter is always powder coated. In the system it is possible to choose between the numerous solid colors of the RAL colours, or to opt for wood effect or special paints.

The powder coating is ecological: the powders not fixed during processing are recovered.

Better wood or aluminum? The wood effect painting on aluminum has an excellent aesthetic effect and, unlike painted wood, it has ... zero maintenance!

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